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Sincere Thanks

This year we’ve had a blast learning from our readers and each other.  Thank you all for tuning in to our show, giving feedback, sending us shout outs and sharing us with your friends.  We’re currently regrouping to provide you more of the things you want to hear. The best is yet to come.  We love you all.  Enjoy the long weekend, no drunk fighting and try not to get shot out here!




Episode 19 is Up!

Give us your thoughts on this week’s show and let us know if there are some subjects you’d like us to cover in the following weeks.


Episode 16 is still on Soundcloud

Episode 16 is still available for your listening pleasure until next week when we do our anniversary episode.

Episodes 17 and 18 are now available

Sorry for the technical delays.  The latest episodes (from April) have been finally uploaded.


Philly Police Dept. Tribute Robert Godwin Sr.

Painting of Robert Godwin, Sr.

Well the dead has arisen…

Foxy Brown ran her ass straight out of the maternity ward after secretly giving birth a few days ago as revealed by Wendy Williams yesterday.  Anywho, with her fresh ass newborn suckling at her teat, she had time to run to the studio for a one and a half minute clap-back to Remy Ma for referring to her as the “deaf bitch” in SHEther.  Foxy refers to Remy’s recent miscarriage and basically says Remy wasn’t bout that life when she was locked up.  Take a listen:

Episode 14 is HERE!

On this episode we talk about Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement and all the shit that had to fall in line after it.  Click below for the latest episode and don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe.


HoodRats Podcast – Episode 14

This Could Be Us… And It’s Gone Be Bitch! – The Remy and Nicki Saga

So a few weeks ago I was just milling around on youtube, watching videos that popped up on my feed and one of them was an on-air freestyle from Remy Ma and she was coming for Onika’s wig… like a muh fucka.

The First Freestyle I Saw

I considered it friendly fire since I thought they were cool… WRONG!  This shit went from zero to a hundred real quick!  Apparently this diss track from Remy is a clapback from Minaj’s verse on a Gucci Mane song.  Here’s the song below:

Make Love: Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj

Now, when I heard all this dumb shit on social media, because I thought they were cool, I dismissed this joint as staged beef… until Remy came out guns blazing, spilling ass-dropping tea and eluding to Nicki fucking around with that booger sugar.  Check out the freestyle below:

Remy Ma Diss Track


Now who’s fault was this?

There was a Steve Harvey-esque error at those awards last night.  I can’t remember a time where award shows fucked up this much.  Wait there was that one time at the BET awards-Anyhow, if you didn’t watch last night, check out the play by play of the whole mess and let us know your thoughts.  We’ll talk about it next week.  Click the links below for the Washington Post article on this.

LaLa I Meant, Moonlight Wins!

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